a public light
installation tackling
winter depression

An interactive daylight lamp for public spaces to prevent winter depression.

Since 2015 was the international year of light we decided to take light beyond its normal purpose of illuminating objects and places. Light effects human beings ever since - our whole biological rhythm is based on light. The lack of daylight can cause sleep- and eating disorders, lack of energy and lead to seasonal affective disorders (SAD) better known as winter depression. When the days get shorter and sunlight is rare we often miss our chance to get our daily amount. Even though 30 minuets of being outside during the day would be enough to get the right amount of light to prevent ourselves from winter depression a dangerous high quantity of people are not able to make some time to do so. We wanted to create a device that helps people to catch up on their daily dose of daylight and raise awareness of what it is that gives us the blues and how this problem can be solved.

2015 - in partnership with Billie Rehwald

Wintersonne works with an LED-array emitting a light spectrum similar to daylight and 10.000 Lux of illumination intensity (used at conventional lighttheapy). The LED-array is hidden behind a round diffuser sheet enabling to exploit the whole field of vision without blinding the user. The light intensity is electronically navigated through a distance sensor. It is able to detect people and movement in its surroundings and adapts the light intensity as the user is coming closer settling in a pleasant pulsation when the user is at the right distance.
James Dyson Award
national runner-up
2015 Austria