48er Schatzkiste - giving artefacts a 2nd chance

"The 48ers* Treasurechest" is integrating the concept of re-use in an existing large-scale urban infrastructure in Vienna, that is accepted and working almost perfectly.

Re-use is all about giving still functioning artefacts a second life after they became obsolete for one, instead of throwing them away. What locations would be better suited than the thousands of "recycling islands" in Vienna.

2014 - in partnership with Daniel Wyrobal - University of Applied Arts

*The citys "magistrate number 48" is the communal institution responsible for garbage disposal and city cleaning. People refer to them as "48ers".


Quoting a local design calssic, found all over the city, the Viennese "cube clock". A robust metal frame, inviting to all sides.

Plastic compartments in different variations, easy removal for 48er personell (cleaning, maintanace, "swap").

The timer shows the remaining time until the next "swap". Unlock via allready existing 48er App Login to reduce vandalism.


Allready monitoring the "recycling islands", the 48er swap the contents regularly between locations to increase fluctuation. 
"Shelfwarmers" are sortet out frequently.

First we tested the concept of re-use with our own mockup container - seeing that it works exeptionally well.

We searched for existing re-use structures, but we only found punctual small scale operations and the 48ers Bazar which is larger but "underground".